a note goodbye

moving is such a pain.. really. i hate it. and worse than moving once? oh. moving twice..

thats right. when you are homeless for 2 weeks it feels like moving twice. but at least we were able to sell. and thats a good thing.

so to honor our home of the past 4 years i've composed a list:

Things I'll Miss:

my AMAZING kitchen. (i spend a LOT of time there)
my little garden full of tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro
the flower beds that are finally filling in and looking awesome. (score for the new owner)
living by the best neighbors ever. who watched my kids. and fed them. and fed me.
being able to run to Christina's house when i've run out of something.
which happens more often than you would believe.
my kitchen
my gargantuan bedroom
12 foot ceilings
the walk in pantry
granite countertops
my sweeeeet stainless steel deep sink
did i mention the kitchen?

the kids are tired of packing and cleaning and moving, i can tell.
i've had to promise them a million different things, once we are in the new house.

like, "yes, jonas, we'll ride bikes. but we have to wait til we are in the new house. your bike is in storage." "oh sure! we can make rocket ship cookies. once we move in, promise!" "sorry mia, Cinderella is packed up! but you kept Belle out until we get settled."

but, the time is here! can you believe it? it was just yesterday that people were walking through my house.. and then someone wanted it.. and now, i'm leaving it.

we moved in when jonas was a baby. and now he's FOUR!

but, the new house will be bigger. with more room to grow. and i'll find things to love about the new house.

like, maybe the quarter acre yard.
or the three car garage for somebody's home gym.

and it's only 3 miles away.

so if i run out of something in the middle of a recipe and really, REALLY need it, i know where some great neighbors are.

the nayz  – (6/11/2010 7:10 AM)  

I know that we will miss you guys. You have been so good with the girls.

Tina  – (6/11/2010 11:24 AM)  

sorry it's moving day, but i am really excited for you guys. it will be so nice to have the extra room!! good luck with everything.

Lauren  – (6/13/2010 12:31 PM)  

See ya later, Honey. Wishing you and your family all the best.

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