it's super

jonas decided to be superman.
(because his hair can curl in the front like the man of steel's.)

naturally, mia had to be on the same team. her choice was wonder woman.
although, she did flip flop between that and ariel for a while...

and i kind of forgot about layla,
but luckily we had a killer frog costume from when jonas was a baby.
and we always need a villian terrorizing metropolis, right?

terrifying, eh?

(i made jonas and mia's costumes and personally? i think they turned out pretty good for not having a pattern..)

Lindsay  – (10/31/2010 9:48 PM)  

You rock Tana! I love the pics!!!! I miss you.

Cher  – (11/15/2010 8:59 AM)  

jeez, you are amazing.

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