i feel like i've been so lazy lately.. i have a bazillion projects i want to do and ZERO motivation to do them. paint this room. finish a quilt. paint some watercolors to hang up.. etc.

AND i totally need to be better at scrapbooking because i just realized that i dont have any recent pages of my kids.
like from this year!

so the other night i stayed up late and whipped out one for each kid.. not too shabby for my 12:30 brain. thats when inspiration strikes, right?

most everything came from my favorite designer, paislee press at her stuff is simple and clean and i love it.

Cher  – (11/15/2010 8:57 AM)  

way cute tana! i just started doing a few again the other day because sam is almost 2 and i have like 4 pages for him. sad.

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