it's the boy scout motto

i knew it would happen.

one day.

it would be tragic. devastating. disastrous even.

it was inevitable.

(notice: the temple piece didnt break at the hinge, it broke off the FRAME!
wow.. thats some serious impact.)

two (almost three) year olds aren't the best with fragile items.
i know that..
and okay... skating on the tile floor in your socks SOUNDS like a lot of fun.
i mean, tom cruise did it in his underwear.
it HAS to be fun.

until someone gets an eye poked out.
which almost happened.

luckily, there was minimal damage. minor bleeding. a gouge and scrape.
no stitches. no sutures. no casts.

just a spongebob bandaid.
and some tylenol.
and a big hug from mom.

what does this have to do with the boy scout motto you say?
well, like 2 months ago, we decided to get (are you ready for this?)


genius. i know.

be prepared.
(sing it in the hearty voice like Scar from the lion king. you know you want to.)

thats about the only thing we are prepared for because our food storage is woefully lacking..
but if push comes to shove we'll just steal food.
it's going to be anarchy anyway, right?

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