wanna know a secret?

i didnt think i wanted kids.
and then when i did want them.
i didnt want girls.

i wanted boys.
dirty little monkeys that dont have to look cute.
that wear beanies and skater shoes.
who rock mohawks and temporary tattoos.
and make fart noises and eat worms.

i was terrified of girls.
so much pink. and princess-ness. and drama.

but then i had a girl and i realized the awesomeness that it entails.
the adorable outfits. the squealing and giggles.
even the pink.

and because we had a boy first, there isnt an overabundance of pink or princess-ness at our house.
and my girls are fine with that.
they have just as much fun with Lightning McQueen and Superman.

but occasionaly i let myself go.

i've found that the girls, oddly enough, have WAY more clothes than the boy.

(and FYI. after i finished the blanket, mia looked at me and said very disappointed, "but mom, it's not pink!" i mean. honestly. how dare i.)

Celeste  – (11/27/2010 12:33 PM)  

Dude I was the same way but opposite. Boys scared the bejeebees out of me! Abram isn't much of a boy yet, but he's already so cool that I'm sure I'll love him no matter how dirty, stinky & loud he gets. But if you ever hear me say "boys will be boys" to excuse his behavior, kick me in the teeth & tell me to quit being a lazy mom.

Cher  – (11/30/2010 2:29 PM)  

adorable pictures!
and that necklace rocks!

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