its done.. and i'm so glad!! (sigh)
it seems like whenever i have a project i'm doing, it hangs over my head until i get it finished.
now that the blanket is done its like a HUGE weight off my shoulders..

i used the Yo-Yo Mama vintage baby quilt pattern, but made it a twin size instead, which increased the difficulty by like a bazillion.
the squares are all 2.5 inches and you make a quilt sandwich and sew everything together.
all at once.
which is nice because it quilts it for you as you go, but sucks because you have to shove the entire blanket through your machine.

AND its hard to keep the squares straight and lined up..
(which mine aren't. dont look too close)

it ended up being a lot harder than i thought, but probably because i made it so big..

and to save moolah, instead of buying fabric by the yard for the top and bottom my mom suggested using a flat twin sheet instead.

these two hooligans are just so excited that its finally done they can't keep their hands off it.

now i can get all hung up on something else.

like, this necklace for mia... or this and this in preparation for a big christmas surprise...

and just because there are never any pictures of me.. jonas took this one the other day and amazingly enough, it actually turned out half decent!

except for my half crazy expression on my face. but thats not his fault.

Tina  – (11/20/2010 7:33 AM)  

so dang cute!! i love that blanket. you did such a good job! i wish i had some of your talent.

Jo Meier  – (11/20/2010 11:27 PM)  

It's beautiful Tana! I love it!! :-)

Lauren  – (12/01/2010 4:25 AM)  

You've done it again, you domestic genius! You're good at everything. I'd formally challange you to a leg wrestle, but I'd lose.

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